Can you sue for bodily injury in Florida

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Ocala Auto Accident Attorney

Every year, automotive accidents cause millions of injuries and are the leading cause of unintentional fatalities. If you are critically hurt in a vehicle accident or lose a loved one, your life could change drastically in a split second. You need an Ocala car accident lawyer on your side to defend your interests when the unthinkable happens and you are recovering from a car accident injury or losing a loved one in a deadly vehicle crash. If you need Ocala car accident attorneys to defend your rights after being hurt or losing a loved one because of a careless driver, contact Ligori & Ligori Attorneys at Law.

There are frequently major financial issues if you are hurt in an Ocala automobile accident or lose a family one. The cost of a funeral or medical expenses for injuries are simply the top of the iceberg. If you have to take time off of work to heal, you can lose money during that period. For those who lose a spouse or other close relative, their income may be negatively impacted for a very long time. The financial costs as well as the victims’ suffering and pain are the responsibility of the other driver if they were the one who caused the injury or death. You can file a claim to recover your losses with the assistance of an Ocala automobile accident attorney.

Disputes with Insurance Companies Regarding Automobile Injury Claims

When it comes to filing a claim for injuries from a car accident, you must contend with more than just the irresponsible driver. When you are hurt in a car accident in Ocala, the insurance companies are often responsible for covering your medical expenses. Fender-bender incidents can be easily repaired by filing a claim directly with an insurance provider, but injury or death automobile accidents are more difficult. To guarantee you receive the compensation you are entitled to, you need an Ocala car accident attorney on your side.

The goal of insurance businesses is to generate revenue. Insurance companies will always want to pay as little as possible to settle a claim involving a victim of an injured or fatal car accident. Insurance companies will attempt to persuade you to accept the lowest amount offered if you don’t have an Ocala car accident attorney on your side. You might be tempted, particularly as you see your medical expenses mount and feel the strain of your reduced income. To fight for the compensation you deserve, an Ocala automobile accident attorney from Ligori & Ligori can assist you in understanding your options.


You may still make a claim with your no-fault insurance company even if the injuries you suffered in a car accident did not reach the serious injury standard.

For all drivers in Florida, personal injury protection (PIP) insurance is a must. The legal minimum for PIP coverage is $10.00.

Regardless of who caused the collision, no-fault insurance covers 80% of the necessary and reasonable medical costs associated with an accident. Additionally, PIP insurance covers 60% of lost wages resulting from an automobile accident. To be eligible for PIP payments, you must, however, receive medical attention within 14 days of the auto accident.

Your additional damages are not covered by PIP insurance. You cannot receive money for your suffering, and you also won’t get back all of your lost wages or medical expenses.

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