Can I buy bitcoin with my business account

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In recent months, a fresh story has begun to take shape. An account of how businesses and institutions are becoming more interested in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Recent large-scale bitcoin purchases by Square ($50 million) and MicroStrategy ($435 million) created international news and brought this to everyone’s attention. However, beneath the surface, this pattern began much earlier, during the icy bear market of 2018.

While half the globe had lost interest in cryptocurrencies, top-tier VC companies like Andreesen Horrowitz (a16z) closed two dedicated crypto funds with a combined capital commitment of over $815 million dollars. The tale of Paradigm, which persuaded prestigious institutional investors like Harvard and Stanford to give them $750 million to invest in a market they were too well-connected to directly enter, is also well-known. Then, in 2018, at burst-bubble discount rates, Paradigm put the whole amount of its initial capital in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Without a doubt, these investments have been profitable. Since Paradigms and a16z made their investments, the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum has more than tripled. Since it was first bought a month ago, MicroStrategy’s bitcoin investment has increased by $100 million. And the market has gained some unexpected new allies, including billionaire Paul Tudor Jones, who declared in May that he was purchasing Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation, and influential companies like J.P. Morgan, Mastercard, and Visa, all of which revealed their plans for cryptocurrencies over the summer.

Why should businesses make a crypto investment?

Bitcoin required some time to establish a price history and some understanding of the cycles it experiences as a new asset class. Most sophisticated investors now understand the value proposition of cryptocurrencies better and view them as a welcome asset to diversify and increase their primarily fiat-denominated balance sheets. Furthermore, corporations now pay a premium to store cash due to the current climate of negative interest rates. Therefore, purchasing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies seems like a more and more sensible decision.

How can a business purchase bitcoin?

This inquiry may be intimidating if you have never purchased bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Where, how, and where do you get bitcoin? Where do you store it?

The most popular way to purchase bitcoin is through a cryptocurrency exchange. They allow users to deposit money into the account by bank transfer and make orders on their order book, just as with any conventional brokerage account.

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Placing the order is the second stage in the process of a firm purchasing bitcoin. You must first transfer money (such as euros, dollars, or pounds) from your business bank account to the exchange. You might want to find out in advance how your banks feel about crypto exchanges since certain corporate bank accounts restrict transfers to and from crypto exchanges.

You need to place your order as soon as the funds are available on the exchange. There are essentially two types of commands. Market orders are simple to enter if you just want to buy at the current price of bitcoin, while limit orders are submitted if you want to buy at a predetermined price.

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